Master Shin's Anvil

Master Shin In-Young, acclaimed for his exquisite handmade knives and farming tools, operates in Anseong, South Korea, known for its traditional crafts. Master Shin crafts around 40 tool types, utilising repurposed carbon steel from railroad tracks for its high manganese content and heat resistance. His workshop, the Shin Blacksmith, established in 1845 and now in its 5th generation, stands as a significant historical blacksmith in Korea, blending traditional artistry with innovative recycling.


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#69 Hand Trowel
Sale price£145.00
#70 Hand Cultivator 3-Tine
Sale price£150.00
#63 Vegetable Knife
Sale price£185.00
#61 Sashimi Knife
Sale price£230.00
#57 Bread Knife
Sale price£270.00
#58 Paring Knife, small
Sale price£145.00
#71 Hand Fork
Sale price£145.00
#65 Weeding Hoe, large
Sale price£70.00
#68 Winged Hoe
Sale price£110.00
Carving Set
Sale price£490.00
#62 Kitchen Knife, medium
Sale price£185.00
#60 Kitchen Knife, small
Sale price£130.00