About Us

Our Mission

To promote relevant innovative products designed to stand up over time by their design and craftsmanship, encouraging us to consume less and to consume wisely.

Our Vision

Life is made better and more sustainable by good design.

Our Principles

  • We select products which are well-made, long lasting and environmentally sound.
  • We aim to minimize our carbon footprint in all aspects of our business.
  • We create and maintain long-term relationships built on trust and dependability with our suppliers and our customers. 
  • We stand by our word and stand behind our products.
  • We recognize that change is the only constant. 
  • We avoid being bureaucratic in our processes, but rather seek to be flexible and pragmatic in order to provide excellent customer service. 
  • We constantly learn and strive for improvement in all aspects of our business. 
  • We foster good working relationships among ourselves, based on trust and support, in an inspiring, secure and helping environment. 


To whom it may concern, I just wanted to leave good word that I just had a great experience with your company, in as far as customer service, I am sorry I didn’t get the persons name, but in brief. A client’s designer / decorator, or management team ordered and received several of your pendant lights, to which we were given to install during a remodeling project, we were given them opened out of the original packaging and sure enough one of the canopy’s was missing, after a few minutes tracking down the source, (your company) from 2 retailers who carry this product, we received your phone number.  What a pleasure, swiftly looked right into it, and took the address, and assured me they would ship them out, no fuss, no problems.  So thank you! I will be sure to return to your company or your retailers that carry your brands, and suggest to clients and designers we work with to do the same.